Your business needs a Business Connector

Being connected to the community is essential for every business.  Whether it's your customers, your colleagues or even your regulators - your businesses connection to your local community is your social licence to operate.

Through Business Connectors, we offer a most comprehensive approach to connecting your business with your community.  Our approach is both unique and enriching, in that it is geared up to empowering local communities to find real solutions that go on delivering a return.

Watch this short film which sets out why your business should second a Business Connector and the social and commercial benefits secondees bring in return.

This film demonstrates the commercial and social value to business of seconding a Business Connector. Our secondment models are flexible and operate across England.

To find out more about seconding and where we need Business Connectors contact us using the form below.

If you are a charity and would like to find your nearest Business Connector, please visit our page 'find your local Business Connector'.

The Big Lottery: Lottery funded

The business case: Carillion

Business Connectors from Carillion meeting the Prince of Wales
Why have Carillion seconded eight of their most talented employees to work in local communities?

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Why have Greggs and M&S seconded employees to the movement?

M&S: The business case

Greggs: The business case

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Pauline Purves
Senior Business Relationship Manager, Business Connectors



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