BERG Case Study: St Asaph & Rhuddlan

After an extreme flooding event, Community Resilience UK helped to support communities affected in St Asaph and Rhuddlan.

Following an extended period of heavy rainfall, the Environment Agency issues severe flood warnings for two locations – the River Elwy at St Asaph, and further north in Rhuddlan. 500 households were warned that they may need to evacuate. In the space of 24 hours, three inches of rain fell, causing the River Elwy to rise to 4.35m and breach its defences. The flooding caused around 400 properties to be damaged, with 500 residents evacuated. With their aim of supporting resilient communities Community Resilience UK helped to support this emergency.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) affected

In total, 32 SMEs suffered serious flood damage in the St Asaph area. In Rhuddlan, 38 SMEs were seriously damaged by the flood waters.

General effect of the incident

The City Leisure Centre was set up as a Rest Centre for flood evacuees by the Local Authority. Many residents were unable to return to their homes for several months following the flooding; sadly this is still the case for some. All displaced residents were found temporary accommodation. It was estimated that up to 100 of the residents did not have insurance cover for flooding.

The response

The 2012 flooding in St Asaph and Rhuddlan was a major incident, calling for both public and voluntary sector response services. The situation was monitored remotely and operational responsibilities were assigned. A Regional Advisor was contacted and deployed for local liaison purposes. Information was communicated efficiently in order for key decisions to be made by BITC.  The Regional Advisor was tasked to attend the incident as BERG liaison, in order to build a full account of the extent of SME impact and support requirements. This was deployed early on the third day of the flooding. Out of the SMEs affected, four were identified as needing assistance in the recovery process. These were Venture Caravans, Good Signs, Ash Motors and Morris Mowers. In each case BERG provided much-needed support and a morale boost for the impacted businesses. On the 3rd December 2012, the President of BITC, HRH Prince Charles, visited the area to offer his personal support.

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