Are you Cyber ready?

Criminals are constantly looking for new ways to defraud their victims and everyone is a potential target.

Many small and medium sized businesses are unaware they are at risk of attacks to their Information Technology systems (IT) and online fraud. The reality is if your business is online then you are a target and a lack of cyber security poses a threat to your profitability, cash flow and reputation.

Almost everyone uses the internet for business from selling, through to communicating with customers and managing finances. It can bring significant business opportunities, but also a range of particular risks that need to be understood and mitigated.

We have pulled together simple information, tools and advice to help improve the security of small and medium sized businesses.

Are you Cyber ready?

Follow these 3 simple steps.

1. Know the basics

  • Cyber attacks: hacks your computer to steal data or damage computer software

  • Online Fraud: steals your identity to make fraudulent purchases

  • Phishing, Spear Phishing, Whaling: tricks your clients online and installs malicious software (malware)

  • Trojans and viruses: installs malware onto your computer remotely via email or websites

  • Spyware: eavesdrops on your computer to steal your passwords

2. Protect your business

  • Install a firewall and anti-virus and online security software

  • Be aware of computer scams, unsolicited emails, fraudulent links and email attachments

  • Keep passwords safe, secure and regularly changed. Use a mix of letters, numbers and special characters

  • Only visit secure websites denoted by the prefix ‘https’ and locked padlock or unbroken key symbol

  • Obtain appropriate level of cyber insurance cover

  • Run regular backups and computer restore exercises

3. Know how to recover

  • Determine if the cyber threat is legitimate and the extent of cyber attack. Use professional IT support and know who to contact for immediate help

  • Contain the cyber attack

  • Repair your computer system quickly to avoid further attacks

  • Communicate to your staff and customers

  • Safeguards your reputation

Download and answer our 10 simple questions to make sure your business is Cyber Ready.

Read more on each on our brefing paper: 'Preparing for attacks to IT systems and online fraud'

Further information

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