Preparing for different emergencies

Find out more about preparing for different types of emergency.

Flooding and extreme weather

The Federation of Small Businesses and Climate Ready at the Environment Agency found that a third of businesses in the UK have no business continuity insurance and nearly 60% have no plans in place to deal with extreme weather - despite two thirds having been affected by snow, drought or floods in the last three years.

There are simple steps all businesses can take to ensure that they are prepared for adverse weather, such as signing up for flood warnings, installing flood protection systems and checking that they have the necessary insurance.

More information:

Our Water Knowledge Hub has top tips, information and resources to help businesses prepare for water related risks, with particular information to help businesses in flood-risk hotspots. The National Flood Forum has put together some great advice for before, during and after flooding, 'Ready for Flooding'.

For Scotland advice on flooding and extreme weather visit

Information Technology and fraud

Many small and medium sized businesses are unaware they are at risk of attacks to their IT systems and online fraud. The reality is if your business is online then you are a target and a lack of cyber security poses a threat to your profitability, cash flow and reputation.

Almost everyone uses the internet for business from selling, through to communicating with customers and managing finances. It can bring significant business opportunities, but also a range of particular risks that need to be understood and mitigated.

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Illness and pandemic flu

Pandemic Influenza remains one of the major risks for the UK.. The UK Government provides information and advice on influenza pandemics. To support planning by commissioners and providers NHS England has produced guidance on the overview of the current status of the work around Pandemic Influenza preparedness.

In Scotland this is provided by Health Protection Scotland

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The National Counter Terrorism Security Office provides information on preparing for a terrorist attack, with detailed information on protecting your businesses assets.

Guidance on Natural Hazards

The Met Office’s Natural Hazards Partnership provides information on a range of natural hazards.  The ‘Science notes' section has a series of short guides covering a range of natural hazards.  These guides provide non-experts with a brief introduction to each hazard and highlight key aspects that may need to be taken into account in decision-making during an emergency.

Get Ready for Winter

For tips on how to prepare for winter, visit the ‘Get Ready for Winter’ on the Met Office’s website.

Space Weather

'Space weather' describes changing environmental conditions in near-Earth space. Magnetic fields, radiation, particles and matter which have been ejected from the Sun can interact with the Earth's upper atmosphere and surrounding magnetic field to produce a variety of effects. Major impacts include possible interruptions to radio communications and GPS, disruption of power grids and damage to spacecraft. You can understand more about space weather events by visiting the Met Office website.