What are the benefits for employees?

Community engagement has emerged as an excellent way for organisations to develop their people, in terms of both their individual skills and their teamwork.

Employee engagement programmes help employees to:
  • build satisfaction and motivation through doing something worthwhile, such as helping disadvantaged individuals or community groups serving them
  • develop new skills and enhance existing ones (such as communication skills) with an unaccustomed audience, which may include school children, people with disabilities, the homeless, or speakers of other languages
  • build relationships with other employees in the same department or across the organisation
  • meet a wider range of training requirements, which can be tailored specifically to their individual career and development plans
  • improve self-confidence and create a sense of enthusiasm by bringing a project to a successful conclusion, relying on one’s own judgement, time management and intelligence rather than organisational support systems
  • practice and sharpen professional skills in a non-work environment, or experience general management issues as a charity trustee or school governor.