Roll out the programme in each country


Find out what activities are already going on within the region to identify any existing strategies.

Formulate a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your project, such as the number of countries to involve and what you will measure to gauge impact.

Consider and address factors critical to the success of the project, which range from understanding each country's unique issues to identifying risks inherent in replicating a programme.

Once you've decided on the project's objectives, carry out the following practical steps:
  • Agree the core elements of the home programme that you want to initiate in other countries.
  • Negotiate with the local offices in the countries to ensure enthusiasm, senior management support and sufficient resources.
  • Carry out an employee questionnaire to find out what's already happening and to identify motivated individuals to drive the project.
  • Find a local community broker in each location to help you develop and implement the programme.
  • Publicise your programme internally and respond quickly and positively to any interested employees.
  • Agree who will have the responsibility of project manager in the new country, and provide adequate and appropriate support.
  • Meet and train participants on the programme, including its background, purpose and how it fits within your organisation's culture and expectations.