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Working with community brokers

Community brokers (usually not-for-profit outfits) are a valuable resource for achieving the aims of both organisations and community groups involved in a partnership.

They understand best practice in running employee community engagement (ECE) programmes and can help to evaluate their impact for organisations.
What can they offer to organisations?
They can:
  • help organisations setting up employee engagement programmes identify opportunities in the community for business action;
  • save the organisation dedicating in-house resources to managing all aspects of their employee programme;
  • bring together organisations for collaborative activity, which can enhance and improve individual programmes by exchanging learning and ideas with other firms.
How do they support communities?
Community brokers can:
  • communicate the culture and expectations of community agencies to the organisation and participating employees;
  • prepare community groups for partnership with organisations, and provide a review and evaluation process to ensure successful long-term relationships;
  • gain the necessary funding and provide help to build links with local, regional and national government and the press;
  • ensure employee engagement develops according to the local needs.
To find community brokers in your country, visit the CSR360 Global Partner Network website. CSR360 Global Partner Network is a network of independent organisations that encourage businesses in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Business in the Community convenes this network of over 110 partner organisations from around the world.