Employing ex-offenders

By increasing employment opportunities for people with criminal convictions businesses can tap into a diverse talent pool and help to stop the cycle of reoffending.

Employing ex-offenders

The issue

Finding talent is one of the biggest challenges facing employers today. When over 20% of the working population has a criminal record, businesses cannot afford to ignore such a significant talent pool.

The cost

Reoffending rates are high and cost society around £15 billion a year. This is in addition to the economic costs of preventing talented candidates from competing for work and becoming productive members of society.

Employment is widely considered to be the most important factor in reducing reoffending, but it's often not accessible to people with a criminal conviction because many employers have an exaggerated fear of hiring ex-offenders.

The solution

Smart employers recognise the skills and talent ex-offenders can bring to the workplace and have taken steps to reduce the barriers to employment for people with convictions. In doing so, they are seeing a number of business benefits, whilst also having a positive impact on the local communties in which they work.

Read our factsheet to understand the social case and benefits for increasing employment opportunities for ex-offenders.