Future Proof

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We surveyed 4,000 young people and found that 1 in 3 respondents found the process of applying for jobs difficult, of those 44% lost confidence and 1 in
4 said it made them less likely to apply for other jobs.

Significant government policy changes such as the Apprenticeship Levy mean that businesses are already having to rethink how they recruit young people.
This is an opportunity for businesses to break down the barriers in their recruitment processes and create quality accessible jobs for all young people.  It's a chance to move away from recruitment practices that are based on the past, rather than looking to the future.

We are asking businesses to:

  1. Open up access to quality entry level job opportunities for young people just starting out.

  2. Make job criteria more youth friendly, by looking at the skills and attitudes their business needs, rather than focusing so heavily on previous experience and qualifications.

Employers need to modernise the way they recruit young people, for the future success of their businesses.  Because the way they recruit young people is broken and biased, many are missing out on some of the best talent and potential out there.  

We want to help businesses focus on the skills they need to grow in the future and open their eyes to the potential of all young people, looking beyond just those with good academic qualifications and six month’s work experience.  

The Youth Employment Framework

Underlying the Future Proof campaign is our Youth Employment Framework.  We have developed this clear framework to show businesses how they can inspire, hire and grow a sustainable future talent pipeline.

Our Future Proof website provides how-to guides and regular updates on how companies can implement the framework, including advice on:

A free online Youth Employment Assessment Tool will help identify what your business is doing right with youth recruitment and where there’s room for improvement.

Read more on the Future Proof website.