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About the programme

Generation Talent is an initiative that was developed 2 years ago with Business in the Community’s Talent & Skills Leadership Team and the Department for Work and Pensions to help break down recruitment barriers for young people entering the workforce.

Although employment is rising, there is still so much do to ensure that young people have the best opportunity to get into work. Generation Talent’s practical tools and support is helping a growing number of employers identify the small changes in their recruitment processes that make support young people as they transition from education.

After two years, we have analysed the data from the Generation Talent Self Assessment tool and identified a number of barriers for young people:

  • The Experience Trap - Only 39% of employers ask for no work experience for entry level jobs, although 42% ask candidates for some experience that demonstrates transferable skills not necessarily gained through work.

  • Transparent recruitment processes - Only 56% of organisations provide a fully transparent recruitment process to support young people so they are clear about what happens at every stage. 

Together we are calling on all UK companies to make their recruitment processes transparent and accessible to young people entering the jobs market and prevent future unemployment. Companies can do this by:

  • Assessing recruitment channels and criteria for entry level jobs

  • Providing a transparent process so that young candidates are clear about timescales and what is expected of them at each stage

  • Offering feedback to candidates you interview so that they can improve their interview technique

Start today by taking the short Self-Assessment test to identify any barriers in your organisation’s recruitment process. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Grace Mehanna.