Run a Get Ready! event

A range of visits and workshops led by businesses are offered to Get Ready! participants throughout their time on the programme. These half-day sessions help to break down some of the challenges that people face when getting ready for employment.

How you can get involved

Your company can host and deliver a Get Ready! event. This could involve a tour of your business giving insight into the jobs on offer and the skills needed to perform them. Or you could deliver a workshop on a specific skill for employment.

Events are typically theme-based, using volunteers’ knowledge of a specific aspect of work within their sector (eg. communications skills, money management, HR practices etc). Giving participants an insight into business is valuable in helping them decide their next steps.

Your commitment

We will support you to deliver one of our existing events or to develop a new session that will benefit the participants, as well as building the volunteers’ project and event management skills. You can commit to a one-off or series of events.

Volunteer teams are given a briefing before the event to ensure they are confident in working with the groups.

What this means for you

Delivering a Get Ready! event provides opportunities for personal and professional development for employee volunteers, including the chance to develop project and event management skills as well as building stronger teams that better understand their local communities.

A survey of 52 Get Ready! volunteers found that:

  • 49% of volunteers felt that Get Ready! helped them perform better in their jobs

  • 27% felt that they were better able to apply for more senior roles as a result of their engagement with Get Ready!

  • 70% felt that their company had improved its relationships with local communities as a result of their involvement, whilst 43% felt that their company had received recognition with the media.