Take part in Get Ready!

If you want to work but you’re not sure what you want to do and don’t know where to start, Get Ready! can help you get there.

Get Ready! offers a flexible programme of events from workshops and company visits to drop in sessions which will help you to choose where you want to go next.

The programme is currently available in Bristol.

Of those people who complete the Get Ready! programme:

  • 97% increase their motivation towards work

    I firmly believe I would not be in work now had I not signed up for Get Ready!

  • 100% would recommend Get Ready! to a friend

  • And many move on to jobs, volunteering or further training such as our Ready for Work programme.

What does it involve?

  • Opportunities to find out about different careers

  • Informal workshops and company visits run by business volunteers

  • It won’t affect your benefits.

Download a flyer to find out more.

How can I register?

We do not take self-referrals so let your key worker or support worker know that you are interested in Get Ready! Ask them to register you for the programme. They can contact the Get Ready! team at the local Business in the Community offices to find out more. See our referral page for more information including our eligibility criteria.

Once you have registered for the programme, you will be invited to:

  • one-to-one outcome star session with us

  • an introduction session to find out more

  • and then you attend workshops and visits

To take part you need to face a range of different challenges to getting back to work, be aged 18 or over, eligible to work in the UK and able to demonstrate basic communication skills – reading and writing in English.


If you have taken part in Get Ready! and want to tell us what you thought, contact Debra Fearnshaw, Head of Operations.