Community Games

Take part in community games a fun, festival-like, multi-sport competition at a local sports club/school. Compete with local teenagers and school children.

This challenge will be held in a hosting school or leisure centre with a large sporting facility. It is to bring together the power of the business community and the power of sport to create a national movement. It will boost confidence, inspire healthier behaviours, increase attainment and improve life skills of up to 300 young people. This challenge will be run on a collabrative basis - with other businesses around the South West.

You don't have to be into sports, or take part in them, to enjoy Community Games. There are several different roles to choose from.

A Community Games is a fun, festival-like, multi-sport competition for P5-7 school pupils, that is coordinated by sports inspired and supported on the day by groups of volunteers from business taking on a variety of different roles, it is an ideal team building opportunity but also open to small groups and individuals. Taking part at a Community Games there are:

  • Local school children who participate as competitors

  • Volunteers playing the part of positive role models and leading by example as team mentors, scorers, assistant coaches, etc. There are sports roles and non sports roles to choose from.

  • Local sports clubs – who attract new members, build their profile and develop their clubs by running the different sports on the day (at least 8 of them at each Games, including at least one disability sport)

The three guiding principles of our Community Games are:

  • Active and regular participation in sport reaps untold personal and social benefits,

  • There really is a sport for everyone, it’s just a case of discovering which one is for you

  • Everyone present will benefit from being involved.

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