FAQs about Give & Gain Day

This list of frequently asked questions about Give and Gain Day should cover most common queries.

If you need more help please email us or speak to your local BITC contact

Give & Gain action days


How does Give & Gain relate to Business in the Community’s employee volunteering programmes?

Business in the Community's runs a range of employee volunteering programmes designed to deliver measurable benefits to the local community.  These are delivered through our network of regional offices across the UK.

Regionally we provide services incorporating advice and support services for companies as well as providing a volunteering brokerage service.

Give & Gain Day allows new employers to get involved in volunteering, and our employee volunteering programmes are a great way of sustaining this activity throughout the year.


What projects can I volunteer for?

You can find out more about what is happening in your location by looking at our Get involved page or by speaking to your local BITC contact, listed on the contact page.


Do I have to be a member of Business in the Community?

No. However, you should consider working with Business in the Community to maximise the benefits of supporting your local community and understand how to sustain your Give & Gain activity.


Do I need to give up a full day to take part?

No. Although some projects have been designed to take a day, there are also projects that allow for shorted time commitments, such as giving a presentation at a school assembly.


Do I have to have a full team of 10 volunteers? What if I only have seven?

You can participate with fewer than ten volunteers, however, the minimum payment is £450 - so you will still pay the same for seven volunteers as you would for ten. This is an opportunity for you to invite colleagues from elsewhere in your organisation or people from suppliers or partner organisation. By collaborating and engaging new volunteers you will achieve a greater impact for your community.


Why do I have to pay to take part in a BITC project?

The payment is needed to cover the administration costs of managing the day. Community projects are sourced and managed by skilled brokers who ensure activities meet the expectations of employees, businesses and the community group.

The rate of £45 + VAT a head is lower than our standard brokerage rates that apply for the rest of the year.

The cost of participating in Give & Gain should be considered in the context of the benefits to you, your business and the community.

Of course, you can set up your own project or work with an existing community partner on Give & Gain Day and our administration fee would not apply. If you go down this route, please do tell us about your project.


Can I bring my family or children along?

No. Give & Gain Day is designed to engage employee volunteers and will demonstrate how employees can make a difference by giving their time and skills during work hours. The event will mobilise the UK workforce to make a valuable investment in their community.

It is also unlikely that your family and children are covered by your company's insurance.


Who manages the health and safety?

Each project we organise is carefully selected and linked to businesses to minimise health and safety risks. Your nominated team leader will be fully briefed on this aspect of the day.


Am I insured to take part?

You should be covered under your company's employee liability insurance policy as this is activity taking place during work time. However, it is important to check that this is the case and that your employer is happy for you to take part.

All of the community groups and schools Business in the Community works with have appropriate levels of insurance cover.


Do I have to bring any equipment or materials?

This will vary from project to project. Your key contact will be able to advise you on what equipment you will need.

Where additional resource is needed, we recommend that you run a fundraising initiative for the event, or call on in kind support from your supply chain and local businesses.


My company is currently engaged in Business in the Community’s employee volunteering programme. Do I still have to pay?

Talk to your company contact about the best way to manage this.


What if I cancel?

Full team cancellations must be confirmed in writing up to 5 days after booking and before Friday 8 April will receive a full refund for the BITC Give & Gain Day fee. Any cancellations after 8 April are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend you may wish to nominate a substitute in your place.

What if my enquiry has not been answered by the list of FAQs?

Email the Give & Gain Day team and we'll do our best to answer your query.