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Fareham - Woodland Walk - Reserved by Azzurri

Physical team challenge: A local Junior School would welcome support in developing its Woodland Walk. The area would provide pupils with a fun and safe environment to both play and learn about nature.

This is a larger than average junior school which takes an active role in both supporting pupils and the wider community.

An area which surrounds the school field has become overgrown and requires some general clearance to ensure designated pathways are safe and easily accessible for pupils. Whilst pathways do exist they have become overgrown and need re-instating.

he area provides a fantastic natural adventure area and can also be used as a learning resource. There are some brambles growing within the site which require clearance. Other shrubbery and tree branches need cutting back although no branches are thicker than 10cm. Secateurs and pruners should be sufficient.

A team may also wish to enhance the entrance to the walkway as at present it is hard to distinguish from just being a border. The area would also benefit from a few decorative accessories to include but not limited to wind chimes. 

Materials required: Yes

Reserved by Azzurri