Milton Keynes - Container Design - Reserved by Morgan Sindall

Physical team challenge: Be creative and help brighten up a storage box located on the schools field.

This local primary serves a diverse and widespread community. The single largest ethnic group is White British, but in recent years the number of other groups has increased.

More than a third of pupils are of Black or Black British African background and a growing number are from Eastern Europe. More than a third of pupils speak languages other than English at home. The school has identified twenty three different languages within this group, the largest proportions speaking Twi, Nigerian and Polish.

Volunteers would be welcomed to help brighten up a large metal lockable container which sits on the main field. The container stores sports and after school equipment and whilst being a useful resource would be better if it blended in with the surroundings and appeared more pleasing on the eye.  

The school is open to ideas and would welcome some creative minds in designing and developing a mural! Paints and stencils are likely to be required. Other tasks on site include general ground maintenance to include weeding and pruning.

Materials required: Yes

For further information on this project please contact Mike Toy on 07793 444181