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Portsmouth - Ground Force Day - Reserved by Lloyds Banking Group

Physical team challenge: Spades at the ready, help transform a small garden used by residents who face social exclusion.

A small residential unit that provides accommodation for people who face social exclusion would welcome support in developing their outdoor grounds. Residents at the property will have faced varying challenges that could include substance misuse, homelessness or mental health.

The centres manager and residents would like to see their small outdoor garden turned into a more inviting area. At present the grounds consist of grass, a small wildlife area, mural on the wall and a wooden seating structure. Ideally this garden would be turned into a working garden with vegetable beds, flower beds and the seating area enhanced.

Tasks would include creating new plant borders, painting / enhancing the existing mural, varnishing the wooden seating structure and a general good tidy up of the grounds.

Materials required: Yes

For further information on this project please contact Mike Toy on 07793 444181.

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