The Purpose Toolkit

This toolkit identifies nine hallmarks of truly purpose-driven brands. It includes the business case for purpose, how to discover and embed it and guidance on what good purpose statements look like.

PDF iconDownload the Purpose Toolkit (pdf)

For business to become truly sustainable we need purpose-driven brands to disrupt and innovate to create the economy of the future.  These forward-thinking companies base their success on the fact that they make a difference to the world – such as enriching people’s lives, or helping to preserve the natural resources upon which we all depend.

Fast growing companies that can successfully grasp and embed their purpose uncover greater growth opportunities and develop stronger brand loyalty than those who don’t. There is mounting evidence that businesses that stand for solving societal challenges are performing well – in terms of market growth, meeting changing customer needs and getting the most out of their employees.

Business in the Community’s Purpose Toolkit provides businesses with the why, what and how for creating a positive purpose behind the brand which not only builds deeper customer relationships, but helps to improve society. Co-developed by the business leaders and marketing experts who form Business in the Community’s Marketplace Leadership Team, this practical toolkit will make it easy for you to find what you need to drive change effectively.

PDF iconDownload the Purpose Toolkit (pdf)