The business case for adopting armed forces-friendly recruitment practices

Businesses that take steps to recruit and support ex-military personnel into meaningful employment will see a number of benefits.

Veterans represent a steady talent pipeline

According to data from the Ministry of Defence (MOD), over 19,000 people left the armed forces in 2015, with length of service ranging from 4 to 25 years. Businesses from a variety of sectors are tapping into this experienced talent pool to meet recruitment needs within their business.

Veterans have distinctive capabilities

They are performance-oriented, have a strong work ethic and thrive under pressure. Their in-built leadership qualities and problem-solving skills are valuable for any employer, no matter what their industry.

Military servicemen and women are extremely well trained. Their unique skills and behaviours will be an asset to any company

- Dr. Ralf Speth,
Chief Executive Officer, Jaguar Land Rover

Veterans have transferable skills

With over 200 trades in the Army alone, armed forces personnel receive advance training in a number of technical roles, including engineering, project management, communications, logistics and IT – all transferable to the civilian workplace.

Hiring veterans is good for business

Many employers report increased loyalty and engagement amongst their ex-military staff. What’s more, a commitment to supporting veterans, who have sacrificed for their country, reflects the social responsibility for an employer and is seen by many as the right thing to do.