The Prince's Mayday Network

HRH The Prince of Wales gave the ‘Mayday’ distress signal to businesses in 2007, asking them to take action to tackle climate change. The resultant Prince's Mayday Network was developed by BITC and grew to encompass over 4,000 companies of all sizes.

The Prince's Mayday Network since 2011

The 2011 Mayday annual report found that the network of companies had achieved an aggregated carbon reduction of 19% from 2008 – 2011.

In the years that followed, the issues being addressed with The Prince’s Mayday Network expanded rapidly addressing incremental changes such as management of carbon, water and waste. The focus of the sustainability offer at BITC has developed from early Mayday days to a more developed and holistic programme considering the transformational change required for a sustainable future. We are encouraging businesses to take action by creating more responsible products and services, reducing energy and water use, becoming more resilient to risks such as flooding and by reducing waste and participating in the circular economy.

As part of the Marketplace Sustainability programme we are continuing to support members to understand and take practical action on the key environmental issues to ensure operations, products and services are sustainable for the environment.

In recognition that companies in the UK are at varying stages of the sustainability journey, we will continue to provide regular peer learning events and practical online resources to support businesses on the key environmental challenges.

Sustainability Knowledge Swaps

The event features a mix of roundtables on a variety of sustainability issues led by business demonstrating best practice. It is an opportunity for delegates to learn and share experiences on a particular sustainability issue.

Find out more about previous Sustainability Knowledge Swap events

BITC’s Sustainable Products and Services Award

This award recognises businesses that are developing their core products or services in order to cut dependency on diminishing natural resources.

Find out more about this year’s award entries.

Environmental Issue Guidance

This online resource provides guidance on some of the most pressing environmental issues. The document provides:

  • Background on the issue

  • Why this is important to business

  • How your business can take action

Environmental management

Water: securing the resources for future prosperity

A report to encourage UK businesses – large and small and from every sector – to think about the steps they need to take to manage water sustainably and to become more resilient to the risk of extreme weather events.

It contains a wealth of examples of what businesses are already doing – from engaging employees and driving efficiencies in their operations, to influencing supply chains, products and customer behaviour.

Read the report here.

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