The business case

It is now widely agreed that business leaders need to understand the major social and environmental forces affecting our communities and know how to respond with sustainable solutions.

The Prince’s Seeing is Believing programme is a powerful leadership development process to help senior business leaders understand and address the big issues our society faces.

Participation in the programme also gives access to networks of like-minded business leaders and an opportunity for increased profile of demonstrable responsible leadership in action.

Find out more in this section about how participation in the Seeing is Believing Programme benefits senior business people and the organisations they lead.


Hear directly from participating businesses about their experience of the programme.


Find out about the research on experiential learning for responsible leadership we are undertaking in partnership with Ashridge Business School.


The Seeing is Believing alumni is a powerful network of like-minded business leaders

Responsible leadership

As societal and environmental issues are increasingly seen as fundamental to the future of business survival, the importance of engaging senior business leaders on these issues, as our Seeing is Believing visits do, has never been more important.

The Seeing is Believing programme uses the power of experiential learning to guide participants on a collective reflection on the role of business, and is part of Business in the Community’s wider leadership work.

Key Contact

Tracy Rees
Programme Manager

T: 07739 331694


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