Nine impact stories from 25 years of The Prince's Seeing is Believing

2015 marks 25 years of HRH The Prince's Seeing is Believing programme. Since inception, the programme has engaged over 9,000 senior business leaders in over 600 visits across the UK. The impact of the programme speaks for itself - from inspiring business leaders to take action that benefits their business and the community to creating life changing experiences on a very personal level.

A note from the Prince's Seeing is Believing Chair; Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner, McKinsey & Company:

"The nine case studies presented here deal with a wide range of critical issues, including education, alcoholism, water conservation and employability for ex-offenders and the homeless. There is of course value in getting busy executives out of their offices to see at first hand how these issues affect real lives. But the thread which runs through these compelling stories is how Seeing is Believing visits have inspired business leaders to commit not just themselves, but also their organisations, to doing something about these social challenges." Read the full note.

As the programme continues to be a powerful force for change, join us as we look back at the highlights.

The Ready for Work timeline

Following a Seeing is Believing visit in 1998, the Business in the Community programme, Ready for Work, was created.

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Ricoh and reducing re-offending

A change in approach to hiring ex-offenders at Ricoh was a direct result of a Seeing is Believing visit to a prison.

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Paul Drechsler on education

Paul Drechsler began to advocate for education opportunities for all after a SIB visit.

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SIB returns to Homeground

25 years later, HRH Prince of Wales returns to the homeless hostel that inspired the Seeing is Believing programme.

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Marco Pagni on prison visits

A visit to HMP Brixton in 2011 changed Marco Pagni’s, Walgreens Boots Alliance, perspective on re-offending.

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The Water Taskforce

Faced with a serious environmental issue and a spirit of collaboration, BITC's Water Taskforce was set up after a Seeing is Believing visit.

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HEINEKEN's product reevaluation

Seeing is Believing visit leaves lasting impact on David Forde, MD, HEINEKEN UK.

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Fujitsu and Business Connectors

For Fujitsu the Prince's Seeing is Believing programme has been central to their award-winning work as a responsible business.

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Google's BAME mentoring

A Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) mentoring programme was created after a Seeing is Believing visit led by Adrian Joseph, Google.

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