Ready for Work clubs

Ready for Work clubs give our programme graduates a forum to meet on a regular basis. These drop-in sessions help keep people motivated and focused, and let them access informal training and practical support as they need it.

We’re just playing a small part in this, but when the people we supported found jobs, it was such a positive boost for our volunteers to see the difference they had made.

- Caroline Stanley, organiser and promoter of Ready for Work clubs,
Once Ready to Work participants have completed a work placement, they can access support and facilities at their local Ready for Work Club.  There they can:

  • Work on their CV and prepare for interviews

  • Search for jobs and find out about others’ work search experiences

  • Learn more about work opportunities at local businesses

  • Meet with their job coach

How you can get involved

Your business can get involved by providing a room for a Ready for Work Club, giving programme participants the boost of regularly entering a work environment. 

Your business can host a workshop to support people coping with the changes of being newly employed or who are still seeking a job.

Your employees can also act as volunteer coaches, individually or in groups. They can share their knowledge and experience, and give practical advice to help people on their journey into employment.

Your commitment

Volunteers can attend regularly or at a one-off session.  Your local Employment Programme Manager can help you to develop a plan for their involvement. 

By explaining how someone can improve their CV, you can help them to focus and turn it around which gets them away from the constant cycle of applying for jobs and receiving no response.

- Ready for Work club volunteer

Whether you provide one volunteer to attend a Ready for Work Club hosted elsewhere, or a team of volunteers and a room at your office, you will provide a valuable contribution to the ongoing support to our Ready for Work participants.

What this means for you  

Hosting or providing volunteers for a Ready for Work Club provides an easy, practical way to support the employment and employability of disadvantaged groups in your area.  

It also provides opportunities to give your employees hands on experience of training and coaching, developing their line-management ability.

Carillion's experience of hosting a Ready for Work Club

In Sheffield, Carillion makes a meeting room available at a regular time every week for a Ready for Work Club. Volunteers attend to support attendees with their CVs and job applications.

Volunteers are primarily employees interested in developing their skills in HR and training and the Club gives them practical exposure to these areas of work. Carillion actively up-skill the employee volunteers too – the volunteers have the chance to observe Carillion’s own interviews, learning more about recruitment processes and enabling them to better support the attendees at the Ready for Work Club.

It can be a challenge to keep the participants motivated. But by providing positive feedback and practical tips, Carillion have already seen two attendees gain work.