Joe: Changed mindsets and increased confidence

"Ready for Work did what it says on the tin: it got me ready."

Joe* spent more than a year unemployed and sleeping on friend’s floors after leaving prison. But after completing a placement through Ready for Work he secured a permanent job and is working towards his second promotion. Read how the programme gave Joe the confidence and positive mindset he needed to turn his life around:

“Before Ready for Work, I’d been unemployed for well over a year since leaving prison. I was sleeping on friends’ floors; it was a day to day existence. My probation officer referred me to Ready for Work. Other schemes weren’t working out so when he explained the training and the work placements to me, I thought ‘why not give it a try?’

Ready for Work did what it says on the tin: got me ready.

- Joe,
Ready for Work Graduate

The two days training was great for helping you get back into the swing of it and everyone learnt from each other. I then went on to do my work placement at the Carillion Construction Training Centre and it felt great to be back at work. I had my own project to be getting on with.

It was my prison background that I was most worried about, but my job coach helped me to find a way of talking about it honestly. They also helped me to get invited to four interviews!

At my interviews they did ask me about my background and, of course it still felt awkward talking about it, but I told them honestly. I got this job at Carillion Energy Services about a month after completing my work placement. Starting work again was great.

My life’s very good now. My job’s sorted, car’s sorted and I’ve got no debts anymore. I was promoted four months ago and potentially, there’s another promotion for me to work towards over the next few months. I’m even managing to save some money.

Ready for Work did what it says on the tin: it got me ready. The practice interviews gave me confidence; it was a good grounding and put me in a position and into the right mindset to do what I needed to do to get work."

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*Names have been changed to protect the identity of the people that we support. This piece has been edited from a longer interview