Referring and taking part yourself

Please note that individuals can only take part in the programme if they are referred. If you are interested in taking part in Ready for Work, please contact your support worker.


Ready for Work supports individuals facing a range of barriers to employment back into work. To be eligible for the programme all clients must be:

  • homeless or are at risk of homelessness due to insecure housing arrangements, criminal convictions, leaving care or a number of other factors

  • aged 18 or over eligible to work in the UK

  • able to demonstrate basic communication skills – reading and writing in English risk assessed if they have an unspent conviction

165 agencies in 20 locations refer their clients to Ready for Work across the UK and Ireland. Of the people who take part in our programme:

  • 27% are former rough sleepers,

  • 32% have unspent convictions,

  • 22% have a former substance dependency,

  • 10% have been in care,

  • 4% are ex-armed forces.

What is Ready for Work?

Our structured programme offers 2 days of training, a 2 week work placement with a leading business and post-placement support through coaching, events and drop-in sessions.

Clients who will benefit are actively seeking employment and are enthusiastic about the opportunities that a work placement can bring.

Download our programme flyer to find out more about Ready for Work, and to share this information with your key worker or clients.

How to Register

If you are hoping to take part in Ready for Work yourself please note that we do not take self-referrals so let your key worker or support worker know that you are interested.

Keyworkers can contact the Ready for Work team at the local Business in the Community offices to find out more to discuss opportunities for referrals further and to gain access to our online referral system.

Once a client is registered for the programme, they will be invited to a registration session where we will make sure that the programme is right for them before signing them up for training and a work placement.

Download our Guide for Referrals to Ready for Work to find out more.


If you have taken part in Ready for Work and want to tell us what you thought, contact Gerardo Spiniello, Operations Performance Manager.