Julie Angulo

National Innovation Manager, 
Julie Angulo, National Innovation Manager, Veolia Environnement

Julie is National Innovation Manager at Veolia Environnement. She coordinates a team of Regional Innovation and Recycling Managers that assist the business in the development of innovative ideas and the transformation in collection, treatment and recovery of commercial resource streams.

Julie has helped to ensure the success of Veolia’s new innovation forum and ideas incubator, based around a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style format.  With the assistance of the Innovation and recycling Managers, any individual from around the business can enter the ‘Den’ to seek funding for new and innovative ideas.

She formerly worked for Veolia in Northern France, starting as part of the managerial staff of Lille City's ERF.  She then moved on to launch an innovation department for the region, on which she became project manager. 

She holds a range of degrees, in subjects including Chemistry, Environment and Process Engineering, and International Affairs.