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Matthew Gardiner

Chief Executive, 
Matthew Gardiner, Chief Executive, Trafford Housing Trust

Matthew Gardiner is the Chief Executive of Trafford Housing Trust and has successfully led the organisation since its creation in 2005. He is responsible for the long-term strategy, financial viability and working culture of the Trust, creating a Times Top 100 Best Company to work for over the last three years.

Matthew has over 30 years experience in the Housing sector and like many people in housing he came into it by accident. He has held a national policy role for special needs housing; been both a manager of existing homes and a developer of new ones; been both a provider of finance for housing associations from City Institutions and on the other side, been responsible for the borrowing and treasury management within a major Merseyside association.

Matthew will be taking part in the the online debate: How do companies create social value, in partnership with NPC.