Step up to Serve pledges

Business in the Community will step up to make youth social action a more recognised and valued element of responsible business practice. We will help our 850 member companies to create more opportunities for youth social action. We will celebrate best practice examples and help members to inspire and recognise youth social action role models in their workforce. We will also work with our leading community programmes, the Pioneer businesses and other organisations to help realise additional benefits for young people of taking part in youth social action.

Key areas for business engagement;

  • Engaging young people from our most challenged communities

  • Placing youth social action at the heart of  our work experience, work placements and apprenticeship schemes

  • Embedding youth social action in our recruitment, training and development processes

  • Scaling-up opportunities through our existing volunteering, youth social action programmes and social enterprise initiatives and creating new opportunities with our partners 

  • Celebrating role models – young people and our employee volunteers that support them

  • Demonstrating the impact of youth social action and advocating its value through our senior leaders

Read the pledges of commitment from the pioneer businesses:

Centrica / British Gas

I will use my influence to actively promote inter-generational buddying across the G15 London housing associations, building on the successful pilots in Family Mosaic, I will use my networks to step up and help all young people to have every opportunity to serve others.

- Ian Peters,
Managing Director, British Gas Residential Energy
British Gas will support 1400 young people across the UK by providing them training in energy sustainability, of which 1000 will receive access to a 12 month work placements to care for our customers through energy efficiency advice, community liaison, local education and working with our partners, which will result in 200 long term employment contracts.

British Gas will also aim to treble the number of volunteering days taken by employees and focus those days on providing opportunities to help all young people to have every opportunity to serve others.

British Gas encourages all business pioneers and their partners to collaborate in order to attract 50,000 10-14 year olds into youth social action by 2016 and will support the step up and serve campaign by providing resources to measure and evaluate the success of the campaign on behalf of all parties


We will:

  • Immediately give more weight to social action in our recruitment of trainees and apprentices

  • Promote the campaign through our dedicated social mobility website:

  • Align our Learn for Work programme in Hackney with Step Up To Serve’s objectives, introducing over 5,000 young people a year to the campaign

Lloyds Bank

We will …

  1. Take a leadership role in promoting the value of youth social action.

  2. Encourage social action by all apprentices and graduate trainees as part of their personal development planning.

  3. Promote the value of social action to all Lloyds Scholars and help them to deliver their commitment to volunteer at least 100 hours a year.

  4. Work with our community partners and universities to identify high quality social action opportunities that help build the transferable skills of young volunteers.

  5. Through our Lloyds Scholars, Apprenticeship programmes and our employees aged between 16 and 20, commit to achieving a step change to 40,000 volunteering hours a year by 2016.

National Grid

We will

  1. Take a leadership role in inspiring young people to contribute to society, making this aim a key part of our community investment strategy and advocating the importance and value of youth social action

  2. Use our recruitment processes to recognise and value the skills developed through social action by including a question about social action in our application and interview processes and advocating social action in our recruitment materials, website and job adverts

  3. Encourage social action in every new starters induction programme and provide specific volunteering activities for new starters to help their integration into the business and enable them to meet and get to know other colleagues

  4. Include social action as part of every graduate trainee programme or apprenticeship

  5. Use volunteering as a recognised route for personal developmentto build business and leadership capability and make a positive impact in communities encouraging colleagues to get involved and allowing them time off to contribute

  6. Work in partnership with voluntary organisations who have social action at the heart of what they do. Building on our existing partnership with City Year and our new partnership with Teach First we will encourage our employees to support youth social action by coaching and mentoring young people. Target: Provide 50 business mentors in year 1

PwC pledges:

  • To recognise the skills young people gain through social action as part of our recruitment process for graduates and higher apprentices.

  • To support 200 young social entrepreneurs as part of our partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs across the UK including Social Impact Measurement sessions.

  • To recognise the contribution our staff make to youth organisations through the PwC Volunteering Awards and Matched Giving Programme.

  • To highlight the benefits of social action through our programmes in 25 secondary schools across the UK impacting hundreds of peoples

  • To deliver work experience reinforcing youth social action to hundreds of young people across the UK


O2 (Telefónica UK)

O2 (Telefonica UK) Pledges & Commitments to the Campaign for Youth Social Action are:

  • By 2020, we will have backed 10,000 youth social action ideas, which will inspire a further 50,000 young people to participate in youth social action through Think Big.

  • We will celebrate diversity and inclusion within our programme, focusing our offer to engage 50% of participants from disadvantaged backgrounds or areas of high deprivation, working in partnership with over 70 youth sector partners across the UK

  • We will maximise as a channel to promote the benefits of social action to our 0.5 million unique users, and work with UK business partners to promote the links between social action and employability

  • We will promote social action in our recruitment materials and on our Talentum website, encouraging applicants to include details about their social action experience

  • We will help young people to explore the potential to turn their social action projects into sustainable digital or social ventures, with support from Wayra and WayraUnltd

  • We will host an annual celebration of youth social action at The O2 to recognise and reward young people’s contributions through social action


  • Promote and advertise social action for young people through our existing community programmes.

  • Our target will be to support 10,000 young people to engage in social action through our existing programmes such as Business Class, Work Inspiration, and Building Futures