Supporting the Campaign for Youth Social Action

There are a number of ways in which organisations can get involved in supporting the Campaign for Youth Social Action, a selection of which are listed below:

What you can do to help drive social action

During your recruitment processes, recognise and value the skills developed by social action.

During your work experience, work placements and apprenticeships programme encourage social action.

Celebrate role models – support the young people within your organisation who already do social action activities

Enrich your community programmes by promoting and delivering social action opportunities through your existing projects

Develop new opportunities – seek opportunities and partnerships with voluntary organisations who have social action at the heart of what they do

Advocate and lead on the youth social action agenda through publicly supporting social action at a senior level

Using Business in the Community’s Inspiring Social Action Big Tick Accredited case studies as a guide to best practice.

Benefits for business of encouraging social action

Here is a snap shot of the significant returns for business:

Positive brand awareness –The Co-operative group has had £4.2m of positive media coverage; Amicus Horizon has seen increased brand equity with their residents.

Recruitment – 46% of new recruits to EDF Energy cite their work in the community as a factor in them choosing EDF as an employer; applications to the Co-operatives apprenticeships and graduate programmes has increased since they launched their social action programmes.

Employee engagement and retention – Jobsite’s latest staff survey showed 80% of staff stating they were proud to work for Jobsite knowing community activity is embedded; EDF Energy’s staff who volunteered on social action programmes are 18.6% more proud to work for them than employees who hadn’t volunteered.

Engaging current and future customers – O2’s Think Big programme relates to a young customer base helping boost their reputation and trust amongst customers under 25.

See how businesses on Give & Gain Day included youth social action into their activities.