Resilience: Building and future proofing social and physical infrastructure

This priority area for the Water programme focuses on supporting businesses and communities in addressing the key risks and opportunities associated with too much or too little water.

Key projects in this area include:

Water resilient places

The Water programme will bring together groups of key stakeholders from the public, private and community sectors to take action on issues that will need to be addressed to make places water resilient. The first project, focused on cities, is being led by Costain in Manchester.  It will examine surface water impacts on flooding and water quality, and test ways to implement and manage sustainable drainage solutions.

Building business resilience to flood risk

Working with Lloyds Bank and the Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Programme, we will explore new ways to support SMEs in flood-risk hotspots to build their resilience to flooding incidents that may occur in the future. A pilot project in the West Midlands and South West will test the model of working with a bank in order to support their customers.

Supporting businesses to understand and manage their relationship with water

A water hub on BITC’s website will provide guidance and signposting to help businesses take action.  Water will also be a featured topic in environment knowledge swaps and a focus area in our CR/Environment Index.

Additionally, through BITC's Business Emergency Recovery Group (BERG) businesses are supporting smaller enterprises to build resilience and cope with disasters including flooding and drought

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