What can I do next?

Businesses have a central role in tackling this urgent issue. One of the most important things you can do is to open up your workplace to young people, in whatever way you can, to create that crucial link between them and the world of work. This web resource will support you to find an approach that is right for your business.

Questions you need to ask yourself before you start

There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before you set off, to ensure that you find an approach that delivers sustainable business benefits to you and which makes a meaningful difference in young people’s lives.

  1. What kind of placement would work best for your business:
    Look closely your business, and ask yourself: What kind of opportunities suit your particular type of business? Are there particular times of the year when you have projects or tasks that would be interesting to a young person? Would a one week or a four week work placement work better?

  2. Where can my company make a real difference in its sector:
    Think about your business within the wider sector. Are there shortages of particular skills that need to be nurtured? What initiatives are already running and how can you link into those? For example do you need to inspire the next generation of female talent in your sector, for example?

  3. Which group of young people need help in my area:
    Think about your locality and which group of young people you could focus on. Are there particular areas of high unemployment? Would you like to target school leavers, or groups of children in care for example?

  4. Finally, consider whether you want to deliver in-house, or work with a partner:
    Once you have answered the questions above and identified a target group that works for your business, you will need to decide if you are going to design and deliver the programme yourself, or a use a supporting organisation to help you source the young people or advertise the opportunity, such as The Prince's Trust.

  •  If you want to support disadvantaged young people into your workplace then The Prince’s Trust will work with your business to create a bespoke programme and there are many supporting organisations working nationwide that can offer guidance and advice

  • If however you want to create your own work placement for young people, you can use the suite of Work Inspiration tools and resources to help you design your programme in-house.

Whatever approach you take, from a one-day taster, to a four week pre-employability programme, quality work experience has the ability to raise ambition and change lives for the better.

Get in contact

Many of are already running inspiring programmes. Please tell us about them by emailing youth.unemployment@marks-and-spencer.com.