The Work Inspiration Toolkit

This suite of six documents has been designed to make it as easy as possible to run a Work Inspiration placement in your business. To save you time, the workbooks can be edited so that they fufil your business needs exactly. The Toolkit is free to download for BITC members.


This overview takes you through the all steps you’ll need to take to establish Work Inspiration placements in your business. It covers all frequently asked questions and is packed full of hints and tips from experienced businesses.

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Supervisor/Buddy Guidebook

This contains everything that your colleagues will need to work with a student while they are on a placement at your company. Timetables and checklists make it easy for colleagues at any level to run an inspiring placement for the student.

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Student Placement Workbook

The student keeps this document with them while on their placement with you.  More than just an induction handbook, it is a place for student to record what they are learning about themselves and the world of work. 

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Insight workbook one: All about me

This workbook provides guidance for supervisors about how to find out what the strengths and weaknesses of the student are, and what they're interested in.  This lets supervisors build up a profile of the student.

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Insight workbook two: Look behind the scenes

This workbook offers a fun way to make the student aware of the wide variety of opportunities in your business, and help match them with these on the basis of the student's profile, identified in the All about me session.

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Insight workbook three: 'Careers happen'

This workbook guides the student through interviewing a colleague about their career and creating a fun visual representation of that career journey. It teaches students that they will need resilience and adaptability to navigate their way through a successful career, and also illustrates how careers often develop opportunistically.

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