Responsible Business Tracker® 2019/20 Insights Report

The 2019/20 Responsible Business Tracker® Insights Report summarises the key findings and best practice examples from the 2019/20 Tracker cycle and what they could mean in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data in the 2019/20 Responsible Business Tracker® Insights report comes from 94 businesses across 24 sectors.

The findings show that now, more than ever, being a responsible business matters. The support companies offer to their employees, communities and the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes. Business in the Community (BITC) believes that those who act responsibly now will be best prepared to handle what emerges on the other side of this crisis.

It is also becoming clear that how issues are prioritised now will shape the new world. Through this assessment cycle, we’ve seen that health and wellbeing is still the most material issue to companies. It is also natural that this has come to the forefront of the public eye during the pandemic as people work from home or isolate themselves from loved ones.

How to balance issues

Yet problems such as the climate emergency, which still loom large, must not be forgotten. In fact, our results showed that only half of companies reduced their greenhouse gas emissions this year. How to balance issues like these as we begin our recovery requires careful consideration; we cannot fall back into old routines. Building on the work already achieved and creating new plans and ways of working is vital.

Companies now have an opportunity to learn from the Responsible Business Tracker® and to rebuild with their purpose, values, and community at the heart of their business. Our future will be different, but it has the potential to be so much brighter than the one we had planned.

About the 2019/20 Insight Report

Generously supported by Sky and developed with our academic partner, the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business at the University of Birmingham, the Tracker is a measurement tool for businesses to track progress against BITC’s Responsible Business Map. The Tracker offers gap analysis, benchmarking against sector peers, and, through a scoring mechanism, the ability to track improvement over time.

Responsible Business 2019/2020 Tracker Insights Webinar

At this webinar we shared the key findings and case studies of the report.

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