ABP - Doing More With Less

The Asda Environmental Leadership Award, Shortlisted, 2016

By investing in new technologies, reusing waste products, and valuing biodiversity, food producer ABP UK has reduced its energy and water usage and gained a competitive edge.

Good for the environment

  • Through their Doing More With Less programme, ABP has achieved a 35% reduction in water and a 25% reduction in electricity use.
  • The company has also reduced its CO2 emissions per tonne of product produced by 19%.

Good for business

  • So far, APB's Doing More With Less programme has delivered internal efficiency benefits in the region of £7.7m.
  • The company has also improved its recognition as an environmental leader and gained a competitive edge among major retailers.

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The agricultural sector has a significant footprint in terms of water and energy usage, carbon emissions and waste. Food producer ABP set itself ambitious targets to cut its consumption and waste through its Doing More With Less programme.

The programme includes several initiatives at different sites around the UK:

  • Investment in new technology means that ABP Ellesmere is the world’s first carbon neutral beef processing facility, using rainwater harvesting and a combined heat and power engine fuelled in part by waste fats. 

  • Cooking oils collected from a network of 50,000 customers throughout the UK are converted into biodiesel.

  • Biodiversity areas created on over 30 hectares of land and 30 acres of woodland will sequester 30 tonnes of CO2 over the next five years, and support bee, butterfly, and plant species.

The Doing More With Less programme has already helped ABP to cut their water usage by 35% and their CO2 per tonne of product produced by 19%. In addition the company has found that their strong sustainability agenda has given them a competitive edge with a number of leading retailers.

What APB Food Group's CEO said:

“Doing More With Less encapsulates a core value of the ABP Food Group, valuing sustainability in everything we do. The very structure of our business is such that our primary processing divisions in Ireland and the United Kingdom produce high quality fresh and frozen meat products for our customers globally, whilst we ensure that all aspects of the original raw material, livestock, are put to best use either in pet foods, rendering or processed into renewable fuels and energy in conjunction with our renewables division, Olleco.”  - Paul Finnerty, CEO ABP Food Group