Affinity Water Limited - Protecting local rivers

The Asda Environmental Leadership Award, Shortlisted, 2016

Affinity Water protects rivers in their area and preserves future water supply by working with schools and communities to reduce consumption, carrying out river works, and tackling pollution.

Good for the environment

  • Affinity Water is protecting local rivers and sensitive habitats through community engagement, river restoration, and habitat enhancement.
  • The company is also saving water by reducing leakage at every point in its network and promoting water efficiency to reduce consumption.

Good for business

  • By reducing the risk of a future water deficit Affinity Water is making its business more sustainable.
  • The programme helped Affinity Water secure ‘enhanced’ status from OFWAT for their business plan, resulting in a direct financial benefit equivalent to £3.3 million.

Affinity Water logoEngland has 85% of the world’s 200 chalk streams; a unique type of river that is abundant in wildlife. However, nearly all chalk streams are suffering from pollution and habitat damage.

Affinity Water's operating area includes several rare chalk stream habitats, but local demand for water is increasing. The company is working to maintain public water supplies whilst protecting local rivers and habitats by:

  • Reducing waste from leakage and reducing consumption through home water efficiency checks, free water-saving devices for customers, and free repairs for dripping taps.

  • Developing partnerships in local communities to raise awareness and reduce pollution from agriculture and industry.

  • Working with schools in the area to increase understanding and awareness of the water cycle, the importance of local rivers, and of saving water.

  • River restoration works to encourage more natural river flow and provide habitats for fish and other species, as well as a cap on the amount of water taken from the most sensitive rivers.

The programme is helping to reduce water consumption in the local area and protect wildlife habitats. It has also helped Affinity Water secure ‘enhanced’ status from OFWAT for their business plan, resulting in a direct financial benefit equivalent to £3.3m.

What Affinity Water's CEO said:

“Our strategic ambition is to be the UK's leading community-focused water company. We are privileged and proud to be the supplier of this essential service and to be a steward of this precious resource for future generations. We are committed to managing the impact of taking water from sensitive habitats and to maintain flows in local rivers.” - Simon Cocks, Chief Executive Officer, Affinity Water