Allstate Northern Ireland – Work, Life & Wellbeing programme including the Energy for Life initiative

The Bupa Employee Wellbeing Award, Finalist 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

Software development business Allstate Northern Ireland has developed a one-and-a-half day energy management workshop for all their staff, focused on improving their physical and mental wellbeing.

Employee impacts

  • 90% of employees have reported improved and sustained energy levels.
  • 92% say the course has resulted in positive life changes.
  • 90% of employees think ANI is a great place to work.

Business impacts

  • 85% of employees state that they are more fully engaged at work and home.

allstate logoAllstate Northern Ireland (ANI) used cutting edge techniques and training from the US and adapted them to help create a holistic stress management programme that fitted the culture of the organisation in Northern Ireland.

A culture of wellbeing for the pace of modern life

ANI recognised the potential impact that the accelerating pace of modern life, the demands of working parenthood, increased responsibilities outside of work and financial pressures associated with the global recession could have on the physical and mental wellbeing of its staff.

The company wanted to create a culture of wellbeing and high performance while helping employees manage stress and cope more effectively with the demands of their roles.

ANI developed the Energy for Life initiative as a key part of its existing Work Life & Wellbeing programme. This innovative and engaging workshop offers a range of techniques to help participants manage their energy in both their work and their personal lives. These techniques include strategic eating, hydration, movement and exercise, recovery, sleep, attitude and stress management.

Voluntary training leads to lifestyle changes

The programme had already been delivered in Allstate’s US head office, and US based performance coaches with expertise in diet, nutrition, exercise physiology and workshop facilitation were engaged to deliver the training.

It was important that the US version of Energy for Life was adapted to suit the  Northern Ireland context. The ANI team worked with the US performance coaches to ensure they understood the historical and political and cultural context and made appropriate changes to the material and delivery methods.

All 180 leaders attended the first phase of the programme so that they could promote the benefits to their staff from first-hand experience.

Attendance for staff was voluntary, on the basis that an initiative which involves personal change should not be imposed. However, there was a huge demand for places and all sessions to date have “sold out” within hours of opening.

Follow-up “Continuing your journey” workshops are offered one year after completing the main programme.

Energy for Life has had the most powerful impact of any health, wellbeing or training initiative to date, with a significant reduction in sickness absence. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and many employees have made sustainable life changes as a result of the programme.

What Allstate Northern Ireland's Vice President said:

“In Northern Ireland, we’ve opted to invest in the Energy for Life programme developed in the States at our home office in Chicago. Coaches have been flown in from Chicago for weeks at a time and we are eager to expose as many employees as possible to this wonderful opportunity. This is the first programme of its kind in Northern Ireland and has been strongly supported and advocated by staff. Allstate is proud to invest in its people and we continue to look for ways in which we can go further.” - Rose Kelly, Vice President, Allstate Northern Ireland