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Anglian Water Services - Love Every Drop - Keep it Clear

Engaging Customers on Sustainability Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Anglian Water implemented the Keep It Clear campaign to educate customers on the disposal of fats, oils and grease (FOG) as part of its Love Every Drop strategy.

Social impacts

  • 60% reduction in sewer blockages in the pilot area, with 100% of customers stating they were concerned about pipe blockages (up by 31%).
  • Reduced blockages on public sewer network by 20% in 2012/13; and on target to halve avoidable blockages (target reduction 3,750 blockages) by 2014/15.

Business impacts

  • 49% reduction in blockages in the Keep it Clear areas, compared to 7% elsewhere, significantly reduces the annual £7 million spent on unblocking sewers.
  • Increase in positive sentiment from customers reflected in increased social media traffic.

Anglian Water - Love Every Drop logo

Water encapsulates the challenges and opportunities of our time. It is the key to a thriving economy and a flourishing environment. By raising awareness of water’s importance, by changing how we think about and use it, Anglian Water is leading the way towards a sustainable future. We are leading by example, demonstrating and encouraging the innovation and collaboration that will help transform our world.

- Peter Simpson,
Chief Executive, Anglian Water Group
In 2010/11 Anglian Water had 15,000 sewer blockages. More than half were avoidable caused by FOG and other unflushable items.

The company spends more than £7 million a year on the maintenance of sewers to prevent blockages and a further £13 million unblocking sewers. 70% of all its sewer flooding incidents and environmental pollution incidents are as a result of a blockage.

Anglian Water needed to change people’s attitudes and behaviours. Its approach is a first for the industry and is achieving fantastic results.

Anglian Water’s business strategy and road map to sustainability - Love Every Drop – says if we want to live in a more sustainable way, we need to look closely at what behaviours to change.

The heart of the Love Every Drop strategy is Anglian’s transformational campaigns. These are customer behaviour change campaigns to inspire simple changes in people’s day-to-day actions to help achieve a more sustainable way of living.

In 2010 the company committed to a social marketing programme to change people’s behaviour on the disposal of fats, oils, grease and other unflushables such as sanitary waste and wipes called Keep it Clear. The programme originates from the belief that you fix the cause, not the symptom.

Based on WRAP’s strategy of reducing waste, the campaign is raising awareness amongst customers of the impacts of waste in sewers, and how they can help reduce the instances of sewer blockages.

Anglian Water set a target in 2010 to reduce annual avoidable sewer blockages caused by this waste in sewers by 3,750 by 2015. The company is on target to achieve this.

Judge's quote:

"Anglian Water had very clear objective, a very data driven strategy and their approach to how they actually executed that was incredibly human - they employed face-to-face engagement tailored very specifically to the different communities (that were very varied) over a large region.  What they achieved in a 49% reduction of blockages across their whole network in the campaign period, and up to 85% reduction of blockages in the areas where the campaign had been running longest was very impressive. These kind of results demonstrate genuine evidence of engaging customers and actually driving change." - Alison Orsi, VP Marketing, Communications & Citizenship, IBM UK

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