Barclays - Be Well

The Bupa Wellbeing at Work Award, Shortlisted, 2016

Barclays has strategically focused on employee wellbeing to sustainably enhance its performance and reputation, while exemplifying Barclays’ Values and making a really positive impact on the lives of those who work there.

Good for employees

  • Barclays is making positive changes to the lives of colleagues and their families.
  • Through its Be Well programme the company is able to support colleagues with differing needs to manage the consequences of poor health.

Good for business

  • Since the Be Well programme started Barclays has seen an improvement in its sustained employee engagement scores.
  • Barclays is able to help its employees reduce existing and future health risks through a proactive approach of preventative education and support.

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Barclays is making positive changes to the lives of colleagues and their families, supporting those who need it to manage the consequences of poor health. By enabling colleagues to have the energy and focus to get the most from life and work whilst helping, Barclays will be able to deliver the excellence and service its customers and clients expect.

Poor health directly affects employees’ energy levels and effectiveness, and the risk of 'burnout' is a problem which needs to be addressed. Barclays aims to create a culture that supports staff to be healthy and happy, supporting colleagues to understand their health risks and make sustainable, positive changes.

Barclays' Be Well programme focuses on more than just physical fitness, it addresses the need for a positive mindset and emotional resilience, strong social and family relationships, working effectively, and financial stability.

The programme incorporates several initiatives, including:

  • Global Be Well online portal developed for employees to access wellbeing information and resources;

  • A global speaker series, in which recognised experts talk about health, resilience, and other topics with a live webcast recorded for playback;

  • Subsidised FitBit devices available to staff with an accompanying international step challenge promoting activity and awareness;

  • Leadership programmes focusing on optimum performance/wellbeing;

  • Line Management programmes focusing on looking after “team and self”.

Since the launch of the Be Well programme, Barclays  has seen a 3% improvement in sustained employee engagement.

What Barclays' CEO - Personal and Corporate Banking said:

“At Barclays we care about our people and we know that work places tremendous demands on them. Staying fit and healthy is vital to being able to meet these demands but having a wellbeing programme that just focuses on physical activity and healthy eating isn’t enough.

We recognise there are many aspects to our daily lives that make a huge difference to our ability to perform well at work and enjoy time out of it. That’s why we’ve developed a strategy and programme using data insight to facilitate targeted interventions to address this. We will enable colleagues to perform at their best which we will see though employee engagement and long term health cost management targets.” - Ashok Vaswani, CEO - Personal and Corporate Banking, Barclays plc