BBC Cymru Wales - Roath Lock Apprentice Scheme

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Inspiring Young Talent Award, Winner (large company) 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

The Roath Lock programme provides substantial and inspiring apprenticeship placements at the very heart of BBC Cymru Wales’ operations supporting the needs of the business and the needs of the wider media and creative sector in Wales.

Business impacts

  • Widened the talent pool – apprentices are an effective way of expanding the pool of talent within the BBC, bringing in new ideas and challenging existing thinking.
  • Engaged employees – 92% of apprentices wanting to work or currently working for the BBC are proud to do so.
  • Retention levels – 61% of apprentices stay working with the BBC, with 78% overall finding employment in the media sector.

Social impacts

  • Broadened access – making apprenticeship places more accessible to young people from a range of social and economic backgrounds supports the diversification of the workforce across the entire sector.
  • Fairer recruitment – recruitment of apprentices includes considering creativity, attitude and enthusiasm as opposed to focusing solely on skills and qualifications.
  • Career development – the programme provides skills training and advice for all apprentices so they can pursue a successful career, whether they work with the BBC, other media outlets or move into freelancing.

BBC Wales | CymruBBC Cymru Wales is the national broadcaster of Wales, creating output for television, radio and online platforms. It employs around 1,300 people in South Wales, with operations in both Cardiff Bay and Llandaff.

In developing and implementing the substantial apprenticeship programme based at Roath Lock, the BBC has taken into account its own skills needs, the requirements of the wider industry and what Wales as a whole needs to remain competitive and successful.

At the same time, the BBC is developing a talent pipeline forof the media/creative sector in Wales through quality apprenticeship placements, which are advertised and promoted in a youth-friendly fashion. The programme not only takes into account skills, but also valuable attributes such as creativity, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

The approach taken to apprenticeships by the BBC is saving it money, developing skills it needs and providing access to a multi-million pound industry for young people.

“BBC Wales' contribution to BBC One is a record of success we’re determined to build on, and one of our biggest priorities is to develop the next generation of programme-makers. Since 2012, we’ve been working with Creative Skillset and Cyfle to provide 30 apprenticeships based at the Roath Lock studios in areas such as costume, post-production, camera, sound, radio and technology. The quality of these opportunities is clear: two thirds of our apprentices have subsequently taken up roles in the wider industry.” Rhodri Talfan Davies, Director, BBC Cymru Wales

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