Blakemore Fine Foods - Heart Distribution Producer programme

ASDA Enterprise Growth Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner, Reaccredited 2015, 2016

Blakemore Fine Foods helps small food and drink producers grow by providing them with logistics, business and technical support. This has boosted sales and opened up new markets.

Social impacts

  • Around 180 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) supported in delivering sales worth more than £13.5 million to customers.
  • Producers have grown by an average of 239% from last year.
  • Provided 658 retail customers with an effective procurement solution this year.

Business impacts

  • Brand new markets have opened up, including garden centre groups, multiple retailers such as Waitrose and the Co-operative, as well as the farm shop and delicatessen sectors.
  • Existing customers of parent company A.F. Blakemore & Son Ltd benefit from an enhanced range of products available through Blakemore Fine Foods.
  • Demonstrating the company’s core values and culture in action.

Blakemore Fine Foods logo

Blakemore Fine Foods demonstrates the commitment our group makes in supporting SMEs. It is the epitome of our core purpose of growing a family business in ways that are profitable and sustainable while exemplifying our values of making a significant contribution to the community and behaving with honesty and integrity. We endeavour to add value to our customers and our suppliers – and have been leading the sector in our approach to pioneering new sustainable ways of working, despite the current economic uncertainty and challenges. We are fortunate that the Blakemore family and board of directors are open to new ways of working that don’t heavily focus upon personal profits, but support other businesses we trade with.

- Peter Blakemore,
Managing Director, AF Blakemore & Son Ltd
Blakemore Fine Foods gives British SME food and drink producers a cost effective means of reaching retailers through the logistics infrastructure of its parent company. In doing so, it helps producers overcome problems many small businesses face in the food and drink industry.

It provides:

  • access to a cost effective route to market

  • support in business to business sales

  • infrastructure support (such as barcodes and large vehicles)

  • help in forming a sustainable long term business strategy

  • help in opening up new markets

At the same time, Blakemore Fine Foods allows its retail customers to procure chilled, ambient and frozen food and drink from a range of British SME producers more effectively and sustainably. It does this by consolidating orders, invoices and deliveries, with one minimum order, a system which is unique in the sector.

Blakemore Fine Foods was set up six years ago, when 30 small producers in the West Midlands approached A.F. Blakemore & Sons Ltd for help with distribution. Since then, it has grown to 180 producers and operates nationally, across 29 counties.

Rather than a traditional wholesale-supplier relationship, the company’s business relationships are based upon partnership, openness and honesty. It support producers in achieving a growth level they are comfortable with, at a sustainable speed.

Judge's quote:

"Heart is a great example of a large business helping 180 small, and very small, companies to enter a bigger commercial arena, providing a breadth of professional advice and innovative payment methods during a difficult economic time to support its suppliers, and protect itself. The positive attitude of everyone in the team feeds through to many of the producers, inspiring them to grow their businesses too." - Allan Edwards, Director of Public Affairs, Asda



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