Blue Badge Company - Inclusive Employment Initiative

The Employment for Excluded Groups Award, Shortlisted, 2016

Blue Badge company, where half the staff have first-hand experience of disability, is reaping the rewards for its recruitment policy. The company is boosting both lives and the bottom line.

Good for society

  • Blue Badge Company gives disabled people the opportunity to fulfil their potential and contribute to the success of a thriving business.
  • Employees with domestic responsibilities benefit from very flexible hours and home working so they can put their families first.

Good for business

  • Blue Badge’s team have first-hand appreciation of various disabilities, from mental illness to visual impairments. This helps them communicate with clients.
  • Because of its clear core values and the implementation of the programme, Blue Badge reports a very low turnover of staff, which is always good for business.

Blue Badge Company logo

Blue Badge Company, which makes covers for disabled parking permits, is working alongside partners like specialist recruitment agency Pluss to create an inclusive workplace.

The company has attracted a workforce where 50% either have a disability or are carers for someone who has one.

Through its Inclusive Employment Initiative (IEI) Blue Badge is dedicated to directly employing disabled people and those with limited work options, such as primary caregivers or people with mental health issues. The initiative has enabled Blue Badge to recruit and train people with learning and physical disabilities. This breaks the cycle of unemployment and gives employees purpose and goals to work towards, as well as the satisfaction of contributing to a productive team.

The company’s client base is people with disabilities so recruiting a workforce that reflects this has brought Blue Badge lots of benefits. The staff have an appreciation for the challenges faced by those with disabilities and this makes it easier for them to service customers.

So far, Blue Badge has had four traineeships through Pluss, as well as one NVQ apprentice and six outworkers trained as a result of their programme.  There are plans to expand the programme.

What Blue Badge Company's Founder and Managing Director said:

“I really believe that a company is only as strong as the team behind it. The one thing that has driven me the most is the idea that business has a responsibility to be good for society and I’ve discovered that a rewarding, sustainable job can change someone’s life. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s the part of my company that I am most proud of.” - Ellen Green, Founder and Managing Director, Blue Badge Company