Boots - Let's Inspire

Inspiring Young Talent Award 2014, Big Tick, Reaccredited, 2015, 2016

Boots’ Let’s Inspire Initiative provides young people with the chance to access employment or further education opportunities by offering work placements, apprenticeships and graduate programmes.

Social impacts

  • Providing young people in communities across the country with positive work experience that will set them up for future employment with Boots or other businesses.
  • Further developing work inspiration, apprenticeship, graduate, and year in industry programmes and encouraging young people to progress from one to another.
  • It shares learning resources and materials freely available to other businesses such as a new eBook shared by Boots.
  • Making careers events open to students, parents, teachers, and careers advisors, thus significantly increasing knowledge of employment opportunities in the retail industry.

Business impacts

  • Increased employee engagement as colleagues participate in the programmes as mentors and line managers.
  • Recruitment, retention, and motivation benefits. A more effective recruitment strategy and greater retention and motivation as the young people really get to know the business, and vice versa.
  • Bottom-line returns and new product concepts through entrepreneurial ideas coming from the young participants.
  • Enhanced reputation of the Boots brand as external stakeholders become advocates from their knowledge of the programmes. Customers of the programme include parents, students and teachers.

Ensuring we have a pipeline of young talent into our business has never been more important for us. We have developed a variety of initiatives as part of our ‘Let’s inspire’ programme, helping us to connect with young people from hard to reach groups across the country.

This is also a socially responsible action to take at a time of high youth unemployment. I am continually impressed by the insight, passion, and enthusiasm that young people bring to Boots, and am pleased that we are encouraging others by sharing our learning and materials with other companies and through our recently launched eBook.

- Stephen Lehane,
HR Director, Health and Beauty Division, Alliance Boots
The purpose of the Let’s Inspire initiative is to offer young people from any walk of life between the age of 14-24 the chance to get into education or employment through real work placements, roles and educational opportunities.

It helps Boots to be accessible and diverse and to enable young people to experience the world of work. At a time of high youth unemployment, Boots believes businesses have a crucial role to play in boosting the skills, aspirations and confidence of young people.

With around 917,000 16-24 year olds unemployed in the UK, Boots feels that as a leading retailer, it is important to play a part in addressing this current challenge and in encouraging others to do so as well.

Boots’ approach towards inspiring young talent helps to increase knowledge of career opportunities and skills amongst young people across the country, whilst tackling high unemployment rates among young people.

It enables Boots to share learning and good practice resources with other businesses and helps create a sustainable pipeline of young talent into the company, benefiting the whole organisation and its people.

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