Boyner Holding A.Ş. - Pomegranate Arils: Stronger Young Women, Brighter New Futures

The Unilever Global Development Award, supported by Business Fights Poverty, Shortlisted, 2016

Boyner Holding A.Ş is building the skills and confidence of young women raised in care, challenging discrimination, and growing employee engagement and expertise through volunteering.

Good for society

  • Boyner Holding A.Ş is increasing anti-discrimination awareness, and have reached more than 400,000 people in Turkey with their message so far.
  • Of the young women who participated in the project in 2015, currently 77% are employed, 10% opted to continue their education, and 13% are actively seeking a job.

Good for business

  • Boyner Holding A.Ş has strengthened its image and reputation as an innovative, sustainable, and caring company.
  • Through its volunteering scheme the company has been able to increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Boyner GrupFashion retailer Boyner Holding A.Ş developed a project in collaboration with state agencies, private sector companies and NGOs aimed at increasing gender equality and reducing stigma against a particularly vulnerable group in Turkey: young women raised in foster care.
The Pomegranate Arils programme works with young women aged 18-24 who were raised in an orphanage, building their work skills and self-confidence through training, mentoring, and social activities. In addition to providing individual support, the programme challenges stereotypes in the media and among recruiters, and works to build skills and awareness among foster care providers.

Boyner employees took part in a volunteering programme to support the project, including generating ideas, designing and organising activities for the beneficiaries. This not only gave them the opportunity to support the cause but to get to know each other outside work, try new roles, and develop their professional expertise. In total, 223 volunteers have contributed 1,509 hours of voluntary service.

The programme was so successful it has been incorporated into the state service provision for children raised in care, improving the life chances of numerous girls and young women.

What a Boyner Holding A.Ş Board Member said:

“This program is not just a project in which we invest in a social issue, but also an example of the attitude we are trying to implement in our corporation with regard to establishing gender equality. Additionally, this project emphasizes our stand on the participation of all stakeholders. In order to achieve a bigger impact, we value the contribution from all parties. There is still a long way to go before we fully achieve an equal society and we will continue our efforts, but being part of the transformation makes us honoured and happy.” - Ümit Boyner, Board Member, Boyner Holding A.Ş