British Land - New Diorama Theatre

Arts and Business Corporate Responsibility Award, Finalist 2014, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

New Diorama Theatre was built by British Land, as part of the Regent’s Place campus, following consultation with local residents that revealed a need for a high-quality theatre building to act as a creative hub, promoting cohesion and providing a resource for the entire community.

Social impacts

  • Since opening in 2010, thousands of local people of all ages and backgrounds have used the theatre to showcase their creativity, taking part in projects and enjoying diverse artists. It is an established cultural destination described as a ‘must visit’ by Time Out.
  • In 2014 alone, the British Land and New Diorama partnership supported creative opportunities, projects and performances for over 7,000 local people, including schoolchildren, homeless young people, elderly residents and minority groups
  • The theatre’s captioned seasons in 2014 opened access to the arts to those who are deaf, hard-of-hearing or don’t have English as a first language

Business benefits

  • Enabled British Land to build local relationships and encourage suppliers to support local projects, opening up opportunities for both occupiers and local residents.
  • 77% of staff have participated in volunteering programmes, resulting in their staff scoring them highly for ‘giving something back’ in The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For.
  • New Diorama attracts award-winning theatre companies and enthusiastic audiences to Regent’s Place, building its reputation as a cultural destination and making the campus more attractive to occupiers. In 2014, Regent's Place was 100% let.
  • Coverage of New Diorama Theatre reached an estimated 1.6 million people in 2014, enhancing British Land's reputation and that of Regent’s Place

British Land logoOpened in 2010, the New Diorama Theatre has grown into a nationally recognised, multi-award winning venue with a celebrated outreach scheme and programme of work.  With the financial support of British Land, the community outreach programme has provided opportunities, projects and performances for over 29,000 local people including deprived children, homeless young people (with New Horizon's Youth Centre), elderly residents and minority groups.  In addition to direct financial contributions, British Land has provided invaluable ongoing support, sitting on the theatre’s Board, providing business contacts that have led to season sponsorships, providing volunteers, and by matching 50% match funding on any contribution to the theatre through their staff payroll giving scheme. 

The partnership has helped British Land achieve its own ambitious goals, detailed in its Community Charter, including building local relationships, supporting education, working with local partners and encouraging occupiers to support local projects.

Through British Land's support, New Diorama Theatre has generated an estimated economic contribution of almost £3 million, by attracting theatre companies and audiences to this part of London's West End.   

What British Land's Chief Executive said:

When we decided to build a new theatre and arts studios at Regent’s Place, it was a bit of a break with tradition. Today, these amenities add richness, life, a sense of community and diversity to a busy central London campus. We are delighted with the tremendous interest that the New Diorama Theatre has generated nationally and internationally, and with how much they give back to the local community and to our occupiers. Well done and thank you to the team.” - Chris Grigg, Chief Executive



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