Brother Industries UK - Driving circular economy principles for business growth

Wales Sustainable Products & Services Award supported by the South Wales Chamber of Commerce, Winner 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

Brother Industries (UK) are putting the principles of the circular economy at the heart of their operations, leading to commercial benefits and reduction of the impact this global business has on the environment.

Business impacts

  • Cost savings – over £3.5 million has been saved at the North Wales site as a direct result of reusing parts.
  • Improved reputation – within Brother Industries globally, the Wrexham factory has become a specialist site for toner recycling, sharing expertise and knowledge throughout the company.
  • Specialist staff – supported with investment, staff are rapidly becoming recycling experts, which could lead to an estimated ROI of £1.4 million.

Environmental impacts

  • Reduced waste – recycling toner parts at the factory has led to a 17.8% reduction in waste.
  • Increased recovery levels – due to innovations made by Brother Industries (UK), 96% of toner parts are recovered.
  • Lower manufacturing impact – by “designing for life” the company has reduced the environmental impact of the toner manufacturing process by 14%.

Brother Industries UKBrother Industries (UK) is the UK arm of global company Brother Industries. It employs around 140 people in North Wales and is responsible for toner cartridge production and recycling as well as customisation of printer and fax machines for the European market.

The weight that the North Wales operation has put on reducing impact and recycling or reusing parts has ensured the factory’s status as a leader within the wider company. Not only is BIUK delivering commercial results in this country, but the expertise and knowledge it has built is being successfully exported to other parts of the world.

Brother Industries (UK) has put the principles of the circular economy at the centre of its operations and is very clearly reducing its own impact (and that of its customers and suppliers) on the environment, whilst achieving impressive commercial results.

“Circular economy practices keep the wheels turning at Brother. By extensive parts reuse we succeed in terms of financial sustainability, resulting in an explosion of interest in recycling goods.” - Dave Lawrence, Senior Manager, Brother Industries (UK)


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