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Capital One - ClickSilver

Building Stronger Communities Award 2014, Big Tick, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Capital One’s ClickSilver programme facilitates the mentoring of older people by university students, improving their digital safety, the students’ CVs, and bridging the social age gap.

Social impacts

  • 54 older people have stated that they are now significantly more confident in using the internet safely.
  • 91% of the 43 university students said ClickSilver has improved their CV content.
  • 12 university students have had career meetings with specific departments around the business and one has had an internship with the legal department.
  • ClickSilver bridges a social gap. Both young and older students have made new friends and continue to see them long after the programme finished.

Business impacts

  • ClickSilver has helped Capital One develop stronger links with universities.
  • By helping older people become more aware of how to protect themselves from fraud, it will help reduce the time and cost to Capital One from helping resolve issues.

Capital One logo

We have a bold ambition to make lives better and it's something we try to achieve in everything we do. We're dedicated to providing our customers with great service and helping them to find the right type of credit card to suit their needs. Our ambition to make lives better goes further than this. We're committed to doing everything we can to support our communities, the environment and our employees. Whether it’s our award winning community programme, implementing ambitious technical solutions to minimise our environmental impact, or our excellent employee benefits, they all make Capital One a Great Place to Work, resulting in us being awarded the number one best workplace in Europe.

- Chris Newkirk,
CEO, Capital One
ClickSilver tackles two nationwide issues: the loneliness and vulnerability of older people; and employability issues facing university students.

Older people are becoming digitally isolated, and if they engage with the digital world they face being left confused and potentially abused by the hard sell tactics of some online companies.  Research has shown that the over 70s population are at more risk than any other of becoming victims of online credit card fraud.

At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult for university students to access jobs and high quality careers advice direct from the types of employers with which they are looking to build careers.

ClickSilver is an intergenerational reverse-mentoring programme that supports older people in developing essential IT skills, and university student mentors with their employability skills.  Student mentors from Nottingham University and Nottingham Trent University are matched to older people accessing support from Age UK Nottinghamshire.  These older people receive six weeks of training on key themes related to IT literacy and safety.

The programme helps older people develop an awareness of how to use computers, and surf the internet safely. University students develop new skills and have the opportunity to gain valuable insight into potential future careers through access to Capital One employees and resources.