Carbon Zero Renewables - renewable energy and responsible business

The Welsh Government Responsible Small Business of the Year Award, Shortlisted 2016

Carbon Zero Renewables is expert in the installation of solar energy systems for domestic and commercial customers. The firm is showing real growth by using responsible business practices.

Good for business

  • Carbon Zero Renewables has more than trebled its turnover in 2015, to £1.3m from £378,000 and is diversifying into different areas.
  • The firm has more than doubled its workforce in the past two years, which growth has been mainly driven by their responsible business practices.

Good for society

  • Carbon Zero Renewables has installed over 4,500 domestic solar panels and 100 eco heating systems - reducing carbon emissions by 600,000 tons a year, equivalent to taking almost 100,000 cars off the road.
  • The Carbon Zero Foundation has provided free first aid and eco-awareness training to local charities and community organisations and made donations of £15,000 to charities.

Carbon Zero Renewables logo

Carbon Zero Renewables has installed over 4,500 domestic solar panels and 100 eco heating systems – a carbon offset of 600,000 tons a year, equivalent to almost 100,000 cars.

The firm also provides a range of luxury camping lodges, through its subsidiary, UK Leisure Living.  Another wing of the company, You Train, provides workforce training, including energy awareness courses, through another wing of the company, while the Home Improvements (UK) arm provides small-scale construction and maintenance.

Managing Director Gareth Jones has worked in this field since 2009 and is deeply commited to it, not just from a business point of view but also from a personal belief in the necessity of finding cleaner, renewable energy systems both to preserve the planet.

His St-Asaph-based companies now employ 17 people in full and part-time roles, including a specialist fitting team.

Gareth drives an electric car and his company headquarters are as carbon neutral as he can make them, with 50 % of heating and light generated by solar power and other eco-friendly measures such as infra-red heating and energy-saving window blinds.

Carbon Zero Renewables has also provided energy systems for community organisations, which has seen the firm working with two villages in the Vale of Clwyd, installing a solar energy system at Trefnant, near Denbigh, and a ground source system at Llanbedr DC, near Ruthin.

The expansion into the leisure ‘glamping’ business will strengthen the company which is also broadening its horizons through investigating the emerging solar industry in Ireland.

What Carbon Zero Renewables' Managing Director said:

“We are consistently among the top five solar energy installers in the UK and that’s because we go the extra mile in advising our clients of the best system for them and also because of our commitment to the customer throughout the process.

“Quality, Efficiency and Reliability - they are the things that my dad taught me and they work and I want to use them to build a good business and be respected for what we do.” - Gareth Jones, Managing Director, Carbon Zero Renewables