Castell Howell Foods - Regional Supply Chain Initiative

Network Rail Cymru Wales Enterprise Growth Award, Winner 2015, Reaccredited 2016.

The collaborative approach taken by Castell Howell Foods towards strengthening its supply chain and simultaneously developing and support local SMEs has ensured growth and resilience in an important sector of the Welsh economy.

Business impacts

  • Strengthened supply chain – Over £10 million of food products sourced from companies based in Wales.
  • Business growth – Recruited 35 more staff and increased turnover to £79.8 million.
  • Increased investment – successfully invested £5 million in a new 31,000m2 butchery facility, allowing further expansion and growth.

Social impacts

  • Reduced waste – nearly 100% of waste that can be processed is recycled.
  • Increased employment – as a direct result of the growth and expansion of the company, 70 jobs will be created at the new butchery facility.
  • SME development – provided tradeshow and promotional opportunities for 50 local growers and producers.

Castel Howell logoCastell Howell Foods is a food wholesaler and distributor to the hospitality and catering sector, employing around 450 people, predominantly in the Cross Hands area. The company supplies a range of fresh, dry, frozen, non-foods and meat across Wales, the South West and Welsh borders.

The Regional Supply Chain Initiative is successfully bringing small and medium-sized enterprises together under the auspices of one programme. This not only means that Castell Howell can share expertise and knowledge about how to supply to them, thus strengthening its own operations but it also provides opportunities to those smaller companies.

The programme clearly supports the commercial priorities of Castell Howell, supporting responsible growth of the business and reinforces Castell’s reputation as the supplier of choice. By disseminating the “farm to fork” approach throughout their supply chain, it is not only leveraging a positive marketing message but also helping to develop sustainable local businesses.

 “The food supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the importance of having an indigenous and independent supply base cannot be overestimated. We now purchase in excess of £10 million of food supplies from companies based in Wales and hope that the economic benefits also stretch to the social benefits that employment can bring.” Brian Jones, Managing Director, Castell Howell Foods