Centre for Partnership - The national GEM programme

Inspiring Young Talent Award 2014, Big Tick, Reaccredited 2015, 2016.

Centre for Partnership created the GEM Programme to offer unemployed and under employed graduates work experience, a qualification and employment within the housing sector.

Social impacts

  • Reducing youth unemployment levels and enhancing graduate employment prospects and life chances.
  • Developing leaders and professionals of the future to meet the challenges that the housing sector faces to enhance communities.
  • More good quality employees in roles which directly enhance the lives of others, including vulnerable people within society.

Business impacts

  • Aligning values between the housing organisation partners; the GEM Programme and the GEM student.
  • Improving partner public profile in terms of CSR.
  • Enhancing employee diversity and ability to recruit using positive action.

We launched the GEM Programme in 2009. This unique programme provides ‘career ready’ graduates for housing organisations on a national basis. In a short time GEM has developed into a high quality programme designed to equip each participant to become leaders of the future. I am proud that it has developed a national and international presence and that over 90% of GEMs have found employment following the programme, the majority of these within the housing sector.

- Geraldine Howley,
Chair of the Centre for Partnership Group and Group Chief Executive at Incommunities
The GEM (Graduate Employment Mentoring) Programme’s vision is to unleash the energy, talent, passion and values of graduates to bring hope to the challenge of building and growing communities in a changing world.

The GEM Programme works with graduates to give them meaningful work experience at graduate level. This is essential for many graduates particularly when they have just left university. The programme sets its participants apart from other graduates in terms of the experiential learning and the resulting qualification. It also provides graduates with tailored support and mentoring during their first year of full, paid employment. Each graduate derives different benefits from this depending upon their own needs.

The intensive, 12 month, blended learning programme aimed at unemployed and under employed graduates. It delivers work placements through its partners; a housing qualification; personal and leadership development; employment pathway mentoring and the opportunity to build extensive contacts and networks throughout the sector. 

The GEM Programme has enabled 100% of its past two cohorts of graduates to get jobs within the housing sector at graduate level. It has also led to GEM student involvement in the international housing sector in research and knowledge exchange visits. It is run as a not-for-profit enterprise.

The programme enables graduates to forge careers in the sector. The Junior GEM Programme, which is a pilot development programme aimed at A level students, gives school leavers an alternative option to the traditional university route, delivering housing work experience and a level three qualification. CFP is an Accredited Centre for delivery of Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) qualifications.