De Poel Community's Employability Training Programme

Established in 2010 as a sister company to leading temporary labour procurer de Poel, de Poel Community was founded under the ethos of championing employment opportunities for all and generating positive and effective change throughout communities in the UK.


  • After placing over 1,800 applicants, 72% have been offered work at the end of the course
  • In 2014, de Poel Community ran 190 courses nationally, with 80% of employers rebooking a second course.

How de Poel Community works


Having not worked for two years following a health condition, I have struggled to even reach interview stage in my efforts to return to retail work. I have always wanted to work in the care industry; however had no qualifications or experience. After two years of job seeking and failed interviews, I was so happy to be given the chance to join the course with a guaranteed interview. I was given the chance to develop and showcase my skills, and am pleased to say I have been offered a permanent role in Adult Health and Social Care.

- De Poel Community Employability Training Programme participant
As a social enterprise, de Poel Community supports people that are jobless or face barriers to work, helping them to find sustainable employment.

The de Poel Community offering includes employment support, training and volunteering solutions, across a broad range of industries.

Alongside helping individuals, de Poel Community works with local, national and international organisations and recruitment companies to aid them in widening and diversifying their talent pool. Providing companies with inclusive recruitment solutions, de Poel Community supports businesses in being commercially successful, whilst fulfilling wider Equality, Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Working with a network of national training providers, de Poel Community offers comprehensive sector-specific training, helping individuals to overcome obstacles and prepare them for work. In turn, de Poel Community’s focus on championing employment opportunities for all ensures that organisations always recruit and retain employees from an inclusive and diverse talent pool.

The de Poel Community Employability Training Programme

The de Poel Community Employability Training Programme (ETP) engages members of society who face employment barriers and, as a result, are currently out of work. This includes people with disabilities and individuals who have experienced long-term physical and/or mental health conditions.

Working in partnership with an expert panel of national training providers, the ETP delivers sector-specific training to prepare candidates for work. This includes individuals who are entering work for the first time or returning to work after a period of unemployment.

Courses last up to five or ten days depending on the sector and are designed to help individuals develop their skills, build confidence and overcome employment obstacles, gaining an industry-specific qualification at the end.

To ensure that all candidates, including applicants with disabilities, are able to reach their full potential, every training programme is designed with maximum accessibility in mind. This includes working in physically accessible premises, using assistive technologies, providing communications in alternative formats and using trainers that are disability aware.

Sourcing candidates

The ETP is advertised through de Poel Community’s partnerships with the Government, including Job Centre Plus (JCP) and through Work Programme and Work Choice providers.  De Poel Community works closely with Job Coaches, who notify potential candidates of relevant training opportunities as soon as these arise.

The ETP is also advertised to individuals who access support through the Government’s Work Programme and Work Choice. This enables notification of potential candidates of relevant opportunities and details about how to apply for training programmes.

Employment sectors

The ETP offers opportunities for candidates to move into a broad range of industry sectors, including Customer Service, Industrial, Warehouse and Storage, Waste, Logistics, Hospitality and Adult Health and Care industries.

Furthermore, de Poel Community ensures that all training programmes have a guaranteed job interview available upon completion of the course, however it can also offer employment support courses for those further away from employment.

“One of the most important elements is that every course de Poel Community runs has a potential job outcome at the end.

“There are rare instances where de Poel Community is asked to run courses without interview, for candidates that are slightly further away from employment. These candidates can also gain multiple benefits from the key employability skills taught on the course, which aids in narrowing this employment gap.

“We strongly believe in the importance of helping people to realise their potential through increasing their confidence, team building skills and identifying transferable skills that are invaluable to any business or organisation.”  Janice Henson, Managing Director, de Poel Community.

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